HKUST Arts Festival 2023 – ARTS IN MULTICULTURAL HONG KONG 藝術 · 文化 · 多元

The Center for the Arts is glad to announce the theme of HKUST Arts Festival 2023, Arts in Multicultural Hong Kong. In the planning of this year’s program, we came across art forms and artists of diverse cultural backgrounds and wished to bring Hong Kong’s vigorous art and cultural scene to HKUST.


Does “LauZone” sound familiar to you? To the older generations the label “LauZone” (or 撈鬆 in Cantonese) connotes the unique multiethnic nature of the Hong Kong society. Inspired by family history and personal cultural exposure, Rick Lau partnered with Anna Lo to create a highly entertaining cabaret musical exploring phenomena of customs, dialects and languages in Hong Kong. LauZone@HKUST promises a lot of fun and is not to be missed!


In addition, we’ll showcase an experimental devising theatre inspired by French surrealist cinema by Alice Theatre Laboratory. We’ll also collaborate with Chung Ying Theatre to host a Community Oral History Exhibition (Sai Kung District) and Sharing in Shaw Auditorium. Built in Sai Kung more than 30 years ago, the HKUST is now an integral part of the district. The two events will enable us to appreciate the theatre of European traditions and hear senior amateur actors and actresses from Sai Kung tell the history of the place.


Talking about history, the dance show All About the Three Kingdoms by Hong Kong Dance Company will narrate tales from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms from ancient Chinese history. Contrasting with but also complementing it will be the Interactive Drumming and Dance by Makha Diop and his friends from Africa. Audiences will be invited to contemplate the destiny of historical personages and dive into the vibrant beats and atmosphere of African folk arts in our events.


Besides, the diversity of music is another area we want to explore. In a collaborative project with Hong Kong Arts Festival, the historical flautist Tsang Yat Ho will talk about the Evolution of Flute from Baroque to Modern Periods. Students who register to become Young Friends of Hong Kong Arts Festival through the Center for the Arts will have free tickets to Tsang’s concerts*.


The renowned musician brothers Wong Shing Chuen and Wong Sing Kwan will give a talk and demonstration on the Synergy Between Performers and Musicians in Cantonese Opera. While Cantonese opera musicians are well-known for their abilities to synergize, Jazz players are no less capable of improvising during performances. Jazz composer and guitarist Alan Kwan will talk about his award-winning album Between Now and Never in a live performance with guest players.


Another highlight of AF2023 is the Resplendent Beauty: On Cantonese Opera Repertoire and Costumes Exhibition in the Library. The beauty of stage sets and costumes of four classic Cantonese operas will be featured and enhanced by multimedia technologies. Echoing the current trend of ArtxTech, we’ll show the digitally restored movie Butterfly and Plum Blossoms (1959) followed by a discussion with Sam Ho and Horus Tsui, film researcher and digital archive specialist respectively.


Registration to the events are already open, don’t miss out any of them!

For the complete program of AF2023, click here.


*30 free memberships are available for HKUST students exclusively. The memberships will be given out on a first-come-first-served basis.


HKUST holds a Photo and Art Exhibition in celebration of HKSAR 25th Anniversary & HKUST 30th Anniversary

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HKUST Arts Festival 2021 - Art, Despite the Pandemic

This year, HKUST Arts Festival returns with the theme Art, Despite the Pandemic to bring art and music back to revitalize the campus, and to remind us of the beauty of world cultures despite the challenges posed by COVID-19.


The Festival will begin with a series of online mini-concerts of Italian and German Baroque music by Camera da Concerto. The uplifting mood of Baroque music should cheer us up and give us hope.


Patrick Yim (violinist) and Kiu Tung Poon (pianist), virtuosi in their own field, will present a chamber music concert of contemporary American classics. A rarely performed repertoire at HKUST, the highly acclaimed musicians will enlighten us to the works of 20th century American composers.


The focal point of AF2021, the exhibition Between Europe and Asia: Traditional Music and Costumes from Central Asia, Caucasus and the Middle East, makes a new attempt to enhance audience’s multisensory experience with multimedia technologies, in anticipation of the advanced audio-visual facilities to be installed in the soon-to-be completed Shaw Auditorium later this year.


The opening ceremony of the exhibition will be held and broadcast online on March 24. Join us at this exciting event with a poetry recital and music performances given by Iranian, Kazakh and Turkish nationals in Hong Kong.


The exhibition is enriched with a musical tour led by the Nur Collective, a multinational group of musicians having a shared passion of spreading the exquisite cultures of Eurasia and North Africa in Hong Kong. Further, Eugene Leung, the curator of the exhibition, will partner with Pasha Umer to give a talk and demonstration on Central Asian dance in dazzling costumes accompanied with live music. 


Last but not least, the School of Humanities and Social Science is holding their first Cosmopolis Festival from March to May this year. Like AF2021, the Festival celebrates the richness of music of various formats, styles and diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds played by renowned local as well as international artists. 


Despite the pandemic, we have prepared a lot of art and music programs for your enjoyment!


For details of HKUST AF2021, click here.

For details of Cosmopolis Festival, click here.