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The Center for the Arts (CFA) organizes a wide variety of programs to promote the appreciation
and participation of students in artistic and cultural activities.
We hold exhibitions, concerts, film shows, seminars, workshops, and arrange visits
and many more to serve the art-loving HKUST community.


In addition, CFA also arranges some large-scale art events and programs for the HKUST community,
such as the arts festival, concert series and special exhibitions.
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藝術 · 文化 · 多元

The Center for the Arts is glad to announce the theme of HKUST Arts Festival 2023, Arts in Multicultural Hong Kong. In the planning of this year’s program, we came across art forms and artists of diverse cultural backgrounds and wished to bring Hong Kong’s vigorous art and cultural scene to HKUST. Registration to the events are already open, don’t miss out any of them!



Cantonese Opera Education Enrichment Project 2022-2023

In September 2022, the Cantonese Opera Education Enrichment Project invited Yemina Chung to introduce and demonstrate make-up, costume and props in Cantonese Opera. A series of workshops were held in October for participants to learn basic Cantonese Opera singing and acting.



Animators’ Roundtable Forum:
Hong Kong Animation

This roundtable forum will discuss animated filmmaking in Hong Kong, past, present, and future, from the insider perspectives of these animators who have left their footprints in history of Hong Kong animation. They will discuss a diverse range of topics, including the history and heritage of Hong Kong animation, independent animation, commercial animation, experimental and abstract animation, and animation education. They will also share hidden histories and names never disclosed to the public, rarely seen animated films and photos, as well as their dreams, struggles, joys, regrets, and pains along the journey.  




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Looking for some arts and cultural events in the city?
We always update the event news of local arts organizations on CFA’s website.

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