About Us

Art, Music and More in the Center for the Arts

The Center for the Arts (CFA) organizes a wide variety of programs to promote the appreciation and participation of students in artistic and cultural activities. We hold exhibitions, concerts, film shows, seminars, workshops, and arrange visits and many more to serve the art-loving HKUST community.

Our mission is to bring art and culture into this business and science-oriented university, thus nurturing students’ artistic awareness and appreciation of the arts.

CFA supports art and cultural activities on campus
- Students and staff are welcome to contact the CFA for support and assistance in organizing art and cultural activities. 

CFA promotes cultural exchange activities
- We actively seek opportunities to co-organize student cultural exchange activities with other universities and institutions. Please send us your suggestions or proposals by email: artsctr@ust.hk.



Shaw Auditorium Unit

General Enquiry: (852) 2358 5075
Email: auditorium@ust.hk
Technical Enquiry: satech@ust.hk
Website: https://shaw-auditorium.hkust.edu.hk/


Center for the Arts

Program Director: Dr Anna Kwong
General Enquiry: (852) 2358 5075
Email: artsctr@ust.hk

Facebook: hkustcfa
Instagram: HKUSTarts
Youtube: The HKUST Center for the Arts