HKUST Arts Festival 2021 - Art, Despite the Pandemic

This year, HKUST Arts Festival returns with the theme Art, Despite the Pandemic to bring art and music back to revitalize the campus, and to remind us of the beauty of world cultures despite the challenges posed by COVID-19.


The Festival will begin with a series of online mini-concerts of Italian and German Baroque music by Camera da Concerto. The uplifting mood of Baroque music should cheer us up and give us hope.


Patrick Yim (violinist) and Kiu Tung Poon (pianist), virtuosi in their own field, will present a chamber music concert of contemporary American classics. A rarely performed repertoire at HKUST, the highly acclaimed musicians will enlighten us to the works of 20th century American composers.


The focal point of AF2021, the exhibition Between Europe and Asia: Traditional Music and Costumes from Central Asia, Caucasus and the Middle East, makes a new attempt to enhance audience’s multisensory experience with multimedia technologies, in anticipation of the advanced audio-visual facilities to be installed in the soon-to-be completed Shaw Auditorium later this year.


The opening ceremony of the exhibition will be held and broadcast online on March 24. Join us at this exciting event with a poetry recital and music performances given by Iranian, Kazakh and Turkish nationals in Hong Kong.


The exhibition is enriched with a musical tour led by the Nur Collective, a multinational group of musicians having a shared passion of spreading the exquisite cultures of Eurasia and North Africa in Hong Kong. Further, Eugene Leung, the curator of the exhibition, will partner with Pasha Umer to give a talk and demonstration on Central Asian dance in dazzling costumes accompanied with live music. 


Last but not least, the School of Humanities and Social Science is holding their first Cosmopolis Festival from March to May this year. Like AF2021, the Festival celebrates the richness of music of various formats, styles and diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds played by renowned local as well as international artists. 


Despite the pandemic, we have prepared a lot of art and music programs for your enjoyment!


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