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The Center for the Arts (CFA) organizes a wide variety of programs to promote the appreciation
and participation of students in artistic and cultural activities.
We hold exhibitions, concerts, film shows, seminars, workshops, and arrange visits
and many more to serve the art-loving HKUST community.


In addition, CFA also arranges some large-scale art events and programs for the HKUST community,
such as the arts festival, concert series and special exhibitions.
Don't miss these highlights!


This year, HKUST Arts Festival returns with the theme Art, Despite the Pandemic to bring art and music back to revitalize the campus, and to remind us of the beauty of world cultures despite the challenges posed by COVID-19. More event details and announcements will be released soon. Please stay tuned!



Online Screening - 
Documentary by Mountains of Tongues: Gitara

Since the late 1960s the guitar has been adopted and transformed by musicians across the Caucasus. Inspired by traditional genres, such as the courtly mugham, and the songs and tunes of ashiq bards, guitarists have developed a unique sound, new techniques and styles of playing. Gitara traces the development of this musical subculture, following the lives of guitarists from the suburbs of Azerbaijan's capital Baku to the rural villages of Borçalı (Kvemo Kartli) in Georgia


HKUST Musical! 2021 - Wonderful Town
Featuring HKUST students, staff, and alumni

Presented by the School of Humanities and Social Science, the HKUST Musical! is one of the most important events for passionate music and drama lovers in the HKUST community. Every year HKUST produces one Broadway musical through the concerted effort of HKUST students, staff and alumni, strengthening the bonds between members of the HKUST Community through the transformative power of the creative arts.



Between Europe and Asia: Traditional Music and Costumes from Central Asia, Caucasus and the Middle East

The European Continent and Asia are geographically connected. They were the breeding grounds of the oldest civilizations in the world, and their histories and cultures are widely known today. The three regions lying between Europe and Asia, namely, Central Asia, Caucasus and the Middle East, have been intertwined with the ancient civilizations throughout their long histories, giving rise to rich cultures of art and music. The exhibition features the lively melodies and dazzling colors from these regions, highlighting the diversity of their cultures and customs.


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Looking for some arts and cultural events in the city?
We always update the event news of local arts organizations on CFA’s website.

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